Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Blog 2005-2011 is on Kindle

In response to no popular requests at all, but to reports that pieces from this blog are becoming assigned readings in a few academic CRM (or CRMesque) classes -- and just in time for holiday giving -- I've organized, indexed, and published most of the posts that have appeared here so far as an Amazon Kindle book, which just went live on the Kindle Store at .  Assuming it will be a supplementary text, I've set a low, low price of $5.00.  It's called CRMundgeoneity: Readings from Tom King's CRM Plus Blog, 2005-2011.  The experience of publishing on Kindle was an interesting one, and suggests ways to get a lot of our infamous "grey literature" into accessible form.

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Chris Webster said...

Looks good! Just to let you know, I've started a CRM News podcast. I'd like it to be a place where people can listen to news related to CRM archaeology in the U.S. My only source right now is Google news. I'm able to find several good articles from around the country each week. With the winter months in full swing, the news has been a bit lite. I'm going to start reading some of your posts on the podcast, if you don't mind.

Eventually, I'd like to include interviews with CRM professionals and a discussion format with other CRM archaeologists.

Anyway, thanks for the great blog. I look forward to more posts!