Thursday, November 22, 2012

Buy Mushgigamongsebe: Benefit a Tribe

I got my royalty statement the other day from Amazon Kindle ($14.50, YAY!) and saw that once again all the sales were of Thirteen Bones, not Mushgigamongsebe (  Not meaning to discourage sales of my gripping, exciting novel (perfect for holiday giving), but anyone interested in traditional cultural properties (TCPs) or what the National Park Service (eyes fixed firmly on its lint-filled navel) calls "ethnographic landscapes" ought to get Mushgigamongsebe, all royalties from which I pass on to the Mole Lake Sokaogon Band of Great Lakes Chippewa, whose landscape Mushgagamongsebe is, and who have rescued it from the depradations of a multinational mining firm.  The Kindle book is the report that Anna Willow, Larry Nesper and I prepared for the Mole Lake Band when they were fighting the mine via Section 106 review -- one step toward its eventual preservation.

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