Monday, January 26, 2015

Understanding the Koch Brothers

I’ve long wondered how the Koch Brothers and the suckers they attract[1] could remain so rigorously true to their own self-interest, in the face of mounting evidence that they’re destroying the very planet on which we all live.  Enlightenment came when I learned  that the Kochs hang out and hold job interviews for their political lackeys in Palm Springs, California.

Palm Springs is built on and around Sec-he, a hot mineral spring and settlement of the Cahuilla Tribe.  In Cahuilla tradition, a powerful spirit named Tahquitz lives in an obsidian cave high in the mountains that tower above Sec-he.  Tahquitz come out now and then in the form of a blue light or comet and – consumes people’s souls!

So there we have it.  The Kochs are soul-free creatures possessed by Tahquitz, and so, quite likely, are their suckers.  They are zombie-like beings who cannot really be held accountable for their actions and beliefs. 

How we account for Tahquitz’ own motivations is a trickier problem, requiring more study.

[1] Who could resist referring to their political lackeys as Koch suckers?

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Steve Stathakis said...

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