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Saturday, September 03, 2016

ENVIRONMENTAL PRACTICE Issue on "Cultural Resources"

The latest issue of Environmental Practice (18:3) – the journal of the National (U.S.) Association of Environmental Professionals – has just come out, focusing on “cultural resources” and with the dubious distinction of having me as its rather last-minute guest editor. It can be accessed at

Articles include:

Wild Horses Are Cultural Resources, by Kathleen Hayden

Assessing Archaeological Resources, by Michael J. Moratto

Non-Disruption and Non-Emissions as Cultural Resources, by Ned Kaufman

Integrating Cultural Impact Assessments into Environmental Analysis, by Claudia Nissley

Religious Resources and Environmental Management in Ghana, by Victor Selorme Gedzi,Yunus Dumbe & Gabriel Eshun

Heritage Dispatches from the American Approaches of Hell: Public Housing, Historic Preservation, and Environmental Impact Analysis, by Fred L. McGhee

Cultural Heritage, Community Engagement, and Environmental Impact Assessment in Australia, by Ian Lilley

Credible Cultural Assessment: Applied Social Science, by Patricia A. McCormack

Indigenous Traditional Cultural Places in Environmental Impact Assessment: The Case of the Ch'u'itnu Watershed, by Heather Kendall-Miller and me

Impacts on Maritime Cultural Resources: Assessing the Invisible, by Sean Kingsley

The National Park Service Visual Resource Inventory: Capturing the Historic and Cultural Values of Scenic Views, by Robert G. Sullivan & Mark E. Meyer

Addressing the Public Outreach Responsibilities of the National Historic Preservation Act: Argonne National Laboratory's Box Digital Display Platform, by Daniel J. O’Rourke, Cory C. Weber & Pamela D. Richmond, and

Cultural Resources in Environmental Impact Assessment, by me (an introductory piece that wound up near the end of the issue, but who am I to quibble?).

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