Tuesday, January 03, 2017

One More Chance to Throw Your HAT in the Ring

Well, folks, this is pretty disappointing. We've received only one -- or maybe one and a half, since there was a sort of amendment to it -- entry in the HAT award competition, the deadline for which was set at January 1st.

Seriously, does no one else have any bright ideas? Does no one have a vision of what cultural heritage management/protection/impact resolution might look like after a Trumpian blow-away of the existing system? Does no one need a thousand bucks?

Executive decision: I'm going to give it till JANUARY 10, and hope to receive at least one more submission so the judges can have something to chew on. And if the one group that has submitted an entry wants to refine it in the 7 days, remaining, have at it.

If in the end we wind up with only one entry, that entry will not necessarily win. The judges have to be convinced that it's a good entry, a worthy entry, an idea that might work and that people might be prepared to rally behind. If no entry meets that standard, the judges will decide on a worthy charity or charities to which the $1000 prize will be donated.

So -- one more shot, deadline JANUARY 10

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